Phase One - 2016-2017 AILFN Report

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Founded in January 2016, the Association of International Law Firm Networks (AILFN) has grown to become a recognized institution in the global legal profession. Its objective is the representation of the common interests of law firm networks.

To achieve its objective, AILFN has reached out to the legal profession at every level. Its database and social media presence covers virtually the entire world’s legal profession. Its meetings have brought together more than 35 leaders to discuss elements of the disruption in both the legal and accounting professions.

In these two years, AILFN publications have reached more than 500,000 attorneys and are read each day by professionals around the world. AILFN’s products and publications have not been limited to the obvious. It has developed technology to provide real-time access to 300,000 attorneys by their exact expertise anywhere on earth. Locate Law Networks and Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) harness billions of dollars spent over several decades by lawyers developing professional and personal relationship on behalf of clients.

We look forward to deploying each of these products, tools, publications, and technology in Phase Two.

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