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Why AILFN?  The Benefits of Membership
  • As an organization, an association of law firm networks would be at the same level as other associations like  the ABA, IBA, ACC, etc. and develop relationship strategies to benefit all members.

  • Networks are at the mercy of 3rd parties for advertising, vanity publications, and even events. This is not an effective use of their budgets. An association can independently promote networks without having to pay for these services.

  • Collectively an association can also negotiate with 3rd party legal business publishers and event creators for advantageous deals. This can include travel, insurance, and services provided to law firms.

  • Networks themselves can provide other services to members which, if done individually, are costly and inefficient because of the size of networks and support staff required. An association can negotiate with vendors on a significantly higher level for additional benefits because of the size of the association (200,000 attorneys). These preferred vendors can also provide 3rd party revenue.

  • As an association, AILFN would make the views of the members known in the legal profession on issues relating to the practice of law. This increases the awareness of networks in general. Individual networks are unable to do this since they represent only their own interests.

  • An association would be asked for its views in the legal and business media as the spokesman for independent firms.

  • Being a member of a network, belonging to an association with established standards, distinguishes member firms from other local firms who may belong to a network, but are not a member of the association because they do not meet the criteria. It establishes an “elite” status based upon objective criteria rather one based upon paying to be elite.

  • Recognition that their network is an active member of an association would distinguish member firms from firms who do not belong to any networks.

In short, an association of law firm networks permits the networks to define and then take control of their own destinies by promoting their common interests.

AILFN is the solution.

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