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Mission & Vision


To create an association of global and regional legal networks which is able to harness their collective strength in order to demonstrate our competitive edge over international law firms, vereins, and the Big 4 as the model for global legal services.


Demonstrate and promote the value of legal networks to general counsel and the wider legal community. Demonstrate and promote networks’ reach, attorney numbers, and cost effectiveness value.

  • Ensure networks are recognized the best model for global legal services by the media, the legal profession and clients through education.

  • Establish quality five-star standards and principles for AILFN members through a joint committee of 5 international corporate counsel associations and AILFN members. Only members will be certified.

  • Provide opportunities for joint marketing to promote common interests in recognition.

  • Provide procurement benefits to networks e.g. – events, travel, education, IT, and services to members.

Provide a forum for networks to exchange ideas on best practices, meetings, speakers, and other services associated with legal practice.

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