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A law and accounting firm network is an association of independent firms that, through network membership, are able to provide legal services to clients. The 75 largest networks have developed personal and professional relationships over two decades at a cost of an estimated $3 billion. captures these relationships.
The issue with law and accounting firms has always been locating expertise in a country, state, or province. Locate Law Networks solves the issue of finding which networks have members in a particular jurisdiction. With one click, the networks are visible.

The potential client, however, is searching for a law firm or lawyer who can provide legal services in a practice area.








RFQ - Request for Qualifications

The traditional way to locate legal expertise was by practice area, such as labor law, corporate, transportation, or real estate, and then interviewing a number of firms. RFQ represents a revolutionary change in the process. It is now possible to locate a lawyer by exact expertise anywhere in the world. 

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