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GGI Welcomes New Member Firm, Ozer Audit

Ozer Audit is a financial consultancy company which has been operating since 1991 in Izmir, Turkey. By offering highly specialised and qualified services, and always acting with the understanding of maintaining excellent customer satisfaction, the firm aims to assist customers by analysing their needs and expectations in the most suitable way.

Ozer Audit acts with promptness and flexibility to respond to any changes that may occur in the service process. They provide additional value by carrying out their duties without compromising on principles guided by professional and legal regulations.

Having an independent auditing certificate, they provide auditing services to their clients in order to help them make the right decisions based on their companies’ needs related to production, employment and investment within the scope of the legal requirements.

With many years of professional experience and expertise in different sectors, and always demonstrating an understanding of their client's needs, Ozer Audit's team is proud to be working with a clear understanding of business best practices in order to provide the most suitable solutions across various industries.


Yusuf Özer

Izmir, Turkey

T: +90 232 484 4784



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