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GGI Welcomes New Member Firm, DMJ Co., PLLC

GGI welcomes new member firm DMJ & Co, with locations in Greensboro, Wilmington, Sanford, and Durham, North Carolina. Established in 1949, DMJ has emerged to become one of the largest accounting firms in their region, focusing their attention on providing tax, accounting, and auditing services to individual and corporate clients across the world. Ranked by Inside Public Accounting as a Top 300 US firm, DMJ employs more than 80 professionals including 12 partners.

As a globally-focused and future-ready firm, DMJ is at the forefront of accounting industry evolution providing proactive insights so clients can reach their maximum potential through service and counseling. DMJ is also well-known for providing top-quality tax advisory services, as well as wealth management, and business and industry consulting services.

DMJ understands the unique challenges that individuals, entrepreneurs, and privately-held businesses face. As they consult with approximately 1,000 privately-held businesses, often through multiple generations of ownership, DMJ’s success as a firm is directly related to that of their clients.

The main office language is English.


Michael R. Gillis

T: +1 336 275 9886



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