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GGI Welcomes New Member Firm, Ali Ghalib CPA

Ali Ghalib CPA provides audit, accounting, and tax advisory services. The firm is based in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, and covers all Iraqi territories, serving a large number of multinational companies operating in the country, most notably in the Oil & Gas sector. They are very well known for providing fully-fledged services to their clients, in collaboration with other reliable professional firms in Iraq.

Ali Ghalib CPA is also well known for providing quality and timely tax advisory services, by solving complex tax treatments with the Iraqi General Commission of taxes.

The firm is leveraged by the quality of its bilingual people and is led by Ali Ghalib, who had been elected as the President of the Iraqi Association of Certified Accountants in early 2019, after holding several key positions at the same association.


Ali Ghalib

Baghdad, Iraq

T: +964 7904 520 543



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