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GGI Welcomes New Member Firm, AFAS Outsourcing & Consulting

AFAS provides outsourcing and consulting services in the areas of Finance and Accounting, Tax Compliance, Financial Department Routines, and Payroll/HR Management and Compliance.

The firm provides a full outsourcing solution and consulting for companies already established or beginning operations in Brazil, allowing executives to focus on their main business operations while ensuring full compliance with Brazilian legal requirements.

AFAS has a diversified portfolio of clients including companies from the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, India, South Africa, and other countries. They service clients across a wide array of industries, such as manufacturing, telecom, technology, commerce, energy and business services.

Founded in 1991, AFAS has grown significantly, based on its expertise, skills and high-end standards. The firm’s 80 professional staff and four Partners are dedicated in their commitment to building strong relationships while supplying outsourcing and consulting services with professionalism, experience, promptness, and reliability.


Gilberto de Farias

São Paulo, Brazil

T: +55 11 3059 2656

M: +55 11 99609-3706



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