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GGI Welcomes Hollinden | marketers + strategists

GGI | Geneva Group International welcomes Holliden | marketers + strategists.

Founded in 1993 in Houston, Texas, Hollinden serves clients in the accounting, engineering, financial, insurance, information technology, human resources, and consulting industries across the United States and Canada. Hollinden is known for its well-rounded approach to marketing delivered through its Hollinden Protocol®. This proprietary process leads clients through four distinct steps: Discovery, Positioning, Planning, and Implementation, which centers all marketing channels and tactics around a firm’s goals and market positioning.

Hollinden is the spirited side of professional services marketing, bringing a balance between left-brain and right-brain – creative driven by strategy and results. From strategic marketing plans and branding to websites, social media, marketing automation, analytics and everything in between, Hollinden’s services are collaborative, results-driven, and tailored to a client’s specific needs.

Their services are designed to put clients on a defined path of sustainable growth.

Contact: Christine Hollinden

3200 Southwest Fwy.

Suite 2250

Houston, TX, 77027

T: +1 713 520 5532

F: +1 713 520 5605

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