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MRVA Law LLP is a full-service law firm that was established in 2001. The firms’ main focus is on commercial and real estate law. Their main experience lies in acquisitions, regulatory matters, real estate development and real estate transactions.

MRVA Law LLP offers many services including but not limited to due diligence, acquisitions, corporate governance, commercial, regulatory and dispute resolution, EU law and competition, media law, copyright, trademarks, public procurement negotiations with local government in real estate development matters, dispute resolution review of legal status of real estate, advice on transactions, real estate transactions, purchase agreements and project development.

They pride themselves on being aware of the importance of understanding each client and the particularities of their business, never hesitating to spend extra time in order to understand how a particular company and industry operates. The main office languages are English, French, German, Slovenian and Spanish. 

Contact: Blaž Mrva

Ljubljana, Slovenia

T: +386 1 431 22 83

F: +386 1 434 94 89 E:

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