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AILFN Members' News

GGI Welcomes Azri, Lee Swee Seng & Co.

Azri, Lee Swee Seng & Co. was founded in 1994 by Mr.Lee Swee Seng, an honourable Judge of the High Court of Malaya. Based in Petaling Jaya, a city just west of the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The firm is engaged in providing a wide range of integrated solutions to a large portfolio of clients within and outside the country.

The firm values quality, integrity and practicality in all transactions, and take pride in providing legal services in their niche practice areas including corporate & commercial law, conveyancing & banking, dispute resolution, intellectual property, technology & privacy laws.

With a staff of 16, governed by nine partners, the firm serves their clients in English, Malay, Mandarin, as the main office languages.


GGI Welcomes A&I Consulting

A&I consulting is a CECCAR  - certified accounting company based in Cluj-Napoca, specialising in accounting, financial and fiscal consultancy, payroll and personnel management.
With a team of professionals of 21 staff that includes expert accountants, human resources inspectors, assessors, liquidators and economists, the company offers services covering accounting records from all stages of the enterprise from incorporation to dissolution.
A&I Consulting cover extensive areas of expertise including but not limited to IT, production, commerce, transport, restaurants, real estate, NGO, and specialised services.
Celebrating 10 years in business in 2018, the company offers services to their clients in English and Romanian as the main operating languages.


GGI Welcomes Konsilanto CVBA

Founded in 1963 in Antwerp, Belgium, Konsilanto is a full-service accountancy firm, offering an integrated service to entrepreneurs and business organisations. They also offer core services in accountancy and tax consultancy such as advice on international business and international tax, advice on inheritance tax, gift tax and family property law, financial reporting as a basis for control, fiscal advice and value determination of shares or businesses, in addition to many others.

Konsilanto focuses on international groups, large and small SMEs, liberal professions and self-employed people. They pride themselves on offering high-quality consultancy services and to elucidating the various facets of business practices.

With additional offices in Mechelen and Rotselaar, the firms four partners govern almost 50 staff and serve their clients in Dutch, English and French.


GGI Welcomes K.K. Univis Tax Co.

K.K. Univis Tax Co. was founded in 2014 and has been providing its clients with highly professional services in the fields of tax consulting, financial audit & accountancy services, corporate finance and management consulting for the past four years.
K.K. Univis Tax Co. is committed to providing advice that is inclusive of all aspects of their clients’ business and private financial affairs and to delivering successful and properly integrated ‘big picture’ outcomes.
The company is a client-focused firm, multi-lingual, multi-discipline staff are equipped to help their clients, across a wide variety of practice areas. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan they currently have 16 professionals, overseen by four partners. The main office languages are English and Japanese.


Cavour Corporate Finance - Bologna, Italy

In 1987, Cavour Finanziaria was established in Bologna as the first M&A boutique firm in the Emilia-Romagna region. The firm was renamed Cavour Corporate Finance in 1996 and, since its inception over 30 years ago, has closed more than 150 transactions, managing projects and advisory tasks in all industrial and services sectors.
The firm is focused on small- and medium-sized companies, mainly family-owned, offering services in many sectors including food & beverage, automotive & auto parts, textiles, clothing and fashion, ICT & electronics, logistics & transportation, business services and outsourcing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical, biomedical, retail (perfumery, jewels, luxury, pet shops), buildings, construction materials and equipment.
Cavour aims to be a long-standing partner for all corporate finance needs, establishing close collaboration with its clients based on professionalism and mutual trust. The firm offer services to clients in English, German and, of course, Italian. They offer tailor-made advisory services to satisfy every client need in corporate finance transactions.


Corporate Finance Hannover GmbH - Hanover, Germany 

Corporate Finance Hannover GmbH is an international firm that advises the shareholders of companies on all issues relating to their equity. They focus on transaction advice relating to purchases or sales of companies (mergers and acquisitions), the implementation of succession arrangements and the procurement of equity.
The company's philosophy is based on personalised customer service, providing tailored and specialised financial advisory services in areas such as company sales and purchases, public takeovers, joint ventures and strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, growth capital, succession planning, Inheritance tax advice, pension plans for entrepreneurs (precautionary power, entrepreneur testamentary, foundation counselling), preparation of valuation reports and portfolio valuations, as well as fairness opinions.
Corporate Finance Hannover GmbH is part of the Gehrke econ Group, a professional service and consulting group of firms with over 200 staff and a leader in its region. The firm is comprised of six professionals, governed by two partners, who serve their clients in English, German and Italian.


3PA Advisory - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Founded in 2016, 3PA Advisory has established itself as one of the leading independent advisory boutiques in Brazil focused on M&A, capital markets, and project and structured finance transactions.

Their team is comprised of seasoned professionals with a multidisciplinary background, from leading Investment Banks and Private Equity firms. They pride themselves on having strong relationships with local and international clients, as well as with investors through partners strategically located in the world’s largest economies.
Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 3PA Advisory offers services such as M&A, structured finance, valuation and project finance. The firm’s professional staff offers services to their clients in English and Portuguese.




MRVA Law LLP is a full-service law firm that was established in 2001. The firms’ main focus is on commercial and real estate law. Their main experience lies in acquisitions, regulatory matters, real estate development and real estate transactions.
MRVA Law LLP offers many services including but not limited to due diligence, acquisitions, corporate governance, commercial, regulatory and dispute resolution, EU law and competition, media law, copyright, trademarks, public procurement negotiations with local government in real estate development matters, dispute resolution review of legal status of real estate, advice on transactions, real estate transactions, purchase agreements and project development.
They pride themselves on being aware of the importance of understanding each client and the particularities of their business, never hesitating to spend extra time in order to understand how a particular company and industry operates. The main office languages are English, French, German, Slovenian and Spanish. 


Blaž Mrva

Ljubljana, Slovenia

T: +386 1 431 22 83

F: +386 1 434 94 89








GGI welcomes Toulet Gottfired Davila y Martinez

Toulet, Gottfried, Davila y Martinez (Mexico) , is a full-service law firm that provides legal and business consulting services to national and international entities. Extensive experience with international organizations is the basis for their multilingual and multicultural expertise. Through its subsidiary, Toulet, S.C., it also provides all types of financial and accounting services, including without limitation, general accounting, auditing, tax preparation, payroll and other related services.  Founded in 2003, with a staff of 24 professionals managed by 2 partners Toulet, Gottfried, Davila y Martinez serve their clients in English and Spanish.


The International Alliance of Law Firms is pleased to announce that Estrella & Tupete, Abogados in the Dominican Republic, has been admitted as its newest member.

The firm is full service, progressive, and is sustained by legal and business acumen while steeped in local knowledge. Estrella & Tupete, Abogados was the first law firm in the Dominican Republic to be awarded the international certificate for Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 by the International Service Organization, an independent, non-governmental international association, which supports innovation and quality, one of the highest distinctions at the national and international level.


MSI Global Alliance is pleased to announce the appointment of accounting firm León, Mora & Co. as its new member firm in Panama, effective 1 July 2016.

Established in 2007 and based in Panama City, León, Mora & Co. offers accounting, audit, and tax consulting services. The two partner firm and its team of experienced professionals assist a wide range of local and international clients including real estate and construction businesses, trade companies (import & export), fiduciary & trust services as well as service and insurance companies.

Tim Wilson, chief executive of MSI, comments, “I very much welcome León, Mora & Co. to MSI.  The firm will complement MSI’s well-established law firm member in Panama (Shirley & Associates), with whom they have worked in the past and ensure that we have a balanced offering to our members and their clients in the economically important location of Panama. ”


PATTI Avvocati & Rechtsanwälte is a full service leading Italian law firm based in Rome, Italy. The firm was founded by Avv. Francesco Paolo Patti in 1947 and was taken over by Prof. Avv. Salvatore Patti in 1988.

PATTI Avvocati & Rechtsanwälte is engaged in the areas of civil and commercial law. For more than six decades, they have been offering their services for both large international enterprises as well as SMEs and private individuals in equal measure. The firm offers a wide range of services for businesses such as commercial and business law, company law, merger & acquisition, real estate law, medical liability law, labour law, family and inheritance law, criminal law, public law, banking & finance, fiduciary relationships and trust and insurance law.

A committed and professional team of over 20 lawyers, administered by 2 partners, is able to provide services in a number of languages, such as English, German, Hungarian, Spanish, and French.


Kansas Law Firm Force Foulston Siefkin joins GGI

Foulston Siefkin was founded in 1919 by Robert C. Foulston and George L. Siefkin in Wichita, Kansas. Over the past 97 years, they have grown steadily, becoming the largest and the leading law firm in Kansas.  With more than 90 attorneys in three Kansas offices, Foulston Siefkin represents a diverse client base ranging from individuals and emerging businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Their representative client base mirrors the Kansas economy in the aerospace, agribusiness, construction, energy, education, financial, health care, manufacturing, retail, real estate, and technology sectors.

With their head office in Wichita and additional offices in suburban Kansas City and Topeka and a combined staff of 128 governed by 60 partners, Foulston Siefkin deal with national and international clients in English, Japanese, and Russian.


Austin’s Richards Rodriguez & Skeith LLP joins GGI

Richards Rodriguez & Skeith LLP is an experienced Austin, Texas-based law firm with practical solutions for growing businesses.  The firm represents its business clients in the areas of contract negotiation and drafting, commercial litigation, employment law, patent trademark and copyright law, corporate law, healthcare law, and finance, mergers, and acquisitions.

With additional Central Texas offices in Round Rock and San Marcos, the firm’s 18 partners and 26 professionals assist their clientele in both English and Spanish.

GGI Geneva Group International is the leading global alliance of professional and independent accounting, law and consulting firms. Based in Switzerland, GGI counts over 500 member firms with 720 offices in 120 countries, generating an annual fee income of USD 4,831 billion and counting more than 25,000 full-time employees.


GGI welcomes Brussels’ DALDEWOLF as law firm member

DALDEWOLF, the blend of two established Brussels law firms DAL & VELDEKENS and DE WOLF & PARTNERS, was created in 2015 (each having served its clients for over 60 years). DALDEWOLF takes pride in offering their clients a modern legal expertise, in Belgian and international markets. Several lawyers hold academic positions and publish in specialized journals. DALDEWOLF specializes in technologies (intellectual property and IT law), public procurement, real estate, competition and European law, corporate law and taxation, arbitration and mediation.

With a multidisciplinary, multilingual staff of 20 associates, 7 assistants, and 16 partners, DALDEWOLF assists its clients in many languages including French, Dutch, English, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Lingala and Swahili.


Congratulations MSI Global Alliance on its new law member Simoes, Pellegrino, Coelho, Castro Advogados

SPCC is a full-service commercial law firm headquartered in Rio de Janeiro with a wealth of expertise in both advisory and litigation cases, provides a wide range of legal services including, but not limited to, tax law, corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, labor law, commercial transactions, consumer law, intellectual property, environmental law, regulatory law (oil & gas, energy power, telecommunication), civil litigation, bidding law, administrative law and social security law.


Guzmán Ariza 7 offices across Dominican Republic law firm joins GGI

Guzmán Ariza is a national law and business consulting firm, founded in 1929– it is the first and the largest of its kind in the Dominican Republic. The team of multilingual attorneys and business consultants are equipped to assist clients, across a wide variety of practice areas, such as corporate and business, mergers and acquisitions, project finance, banking, insurance and securities, taxation, intellectual property, criminal law, immigration, family law and individual legal services. With a staff of more than 130 managed by 10 partners, they provide services to their clients in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Portuguese.


GGI welcomes Stein Monast L.L.P.  (Quebec)

Stein Monast L.L.P. is an independent law firm, with over 60 years of professional history. The firm was originally founded in 1957, with the current partnership dating from 2007. Based in Quebec City, their lawyers act for clients in a wide range of business matters, including mergers and acquisitions, and representing clients before judicial and administrative authorities at every level. Stein Monast L.L.P.’s clients can depend on a multidisciplinary multilingual staff of over 100.


Congratulations MSI Global Alliance on its new Ecuador member Ugarte, Quinonez & Asociados

Ugarte, Quinonez & Asociados began in 1987 as a personal firm of independent auditors under the initiative of the CPA Jose Francisco Ugarte Ascencio.   We have extensive experience providing services to industrial, commercial, agricultural and service companies and serve our clients from Guayaquil, Manta, Portoviejo, Machala, Cuenca and Quito.


GGI newest member Moss & Barnett

Established at the start of the 20th century in Minnesota, Moss & Barnett have been succeeding in business for over 120 years. Over the last century they have developed national practices in accountant law, corporate law, commercial real estate finance, creditors’ remedies, regulated industries, construction, communications and technology, helping protect the intellectual property rights of entrepreneurs across the world. Moss & Barnett have a professional staff of over 110 supervised by 39 partners, and a primary operating language of English.

GGI Geneva Group International is the leading global alliance of professional and independent accounting, law and consulting firms. Based in Switzerland, GGI counts over 500 member firms with 720 offices in 120 countries, generating an annual fee income of USD 4,831 billion and counting more than 25,000 full-time employees.


International Alliance of Law Firms Features Nordic Law

Nordic Law Attorneys-at-Law was founded in 1970 and offer their clients a wide range of legal expertise both in domestic and international matters, specializing in International Commercial Law, European Law, and Arbitration. Their aim is to serve their corporate and individual clients with a high degree of professionalism regarding all of their legal matters while maintaining their central principles of high quality of work and flexibility of customer service.


GGI welcomes Loconte & Partners

Loconte & Partners, Studio legale e tributario (L&P) was founded in 2010 at the seat of Bari, and the headquarters for the firm. The law firm, present in Bari, Rome, Milan and Padua, have a dynamic skilled team of more than 55 professionals, offering advice in international consulting, legal, tax and private client matters, particularly in corporate contracts, M&A, insolvency, banking, finance, trusts and asset protection.

GGI Geneva Group International is the leading global alliance of professional and independent accounting, law and consulting firms. Based in Switzerland, GGI counts over 500 member firms with 720 offices in 120 countries, generating an annual fee income of USD 4.831 billion and counting more than 25,000 full-time employees.


Italy Legal Focus joins International Alliance of Law FirmsItaly Legal Focus is a full-service boutique law firm providing high-quality legal services to privately held and public clients in a variety of industries, both in Italy and throughout the world.  The firm traces its roots three decades in the Italian legal market.

Founded in 1990, the International Alliance of Law Firms is a global network of prominent law firms covering the world’s major commercial centers.   Using the Alliance, member firms can provide their clients with a rapid and effective response to international business challenges.  The Alliance has 58 member firms in 39 countries.


MSI Global Alliance adds new law firm member in Fiji AP Legal

AP Legal is a Suva, Fiji based general practice law firm with focus on commercial work.  The firm is able to undertake all legal work required in Fiji as well as IP work in the South Pacific/Oceania region.

MSI is an international association of independent legal and accounting firms. With over 250 carefully selected member firms in more than 100 countries,   MSI is one of the world’s leading associations of independent legal and accounting firms. MSI was formed in 1990 in response to the growing need for cross-border co-operation between professional services firms.   MSI member firms cumulatively provide US$1.4 billion in legal, accounting, audit, and tax services.


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