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LEX Africa Welcomes 3 New Members to the Alliance

It gives us great pleasure to welcome new members of the Alliance for Congo Brazzaville, Guinea Conakry and Swaziland.

  • Congo Brazzaville – Cabinet Gomes

  • Guinea Conakry – Thiam & Associés

  • Swaziland –  Robinson Bertram

Chairperson of LEX Africa, Pieter Steyn says “We are proud to have Cabinet Gomes, Thiam & Associés and Robinson Bertram as part of the LEX Africa team and we are confident that they will add great value.  We look forward to working with them”.

Baba Hady Thiam of Thiam & Associés says “We are thrilled to have joined LEX Africa. Its fantastic integrated Pan-Africa platform perfectly fits with our tireless commitment to always better serve our clients with the highest professional, ethical and service delivery standards. It is an important milestone as part of the strategic development plan of our dynamic law firm.”

Zweli Jele of Robinson Bertram added “We are both honoured and excited to be part of the LEX Africa Alliance. We look forward to a beneficial interaction with our LEX Africa colleagues and trust that we will be able to add value to the network. Swaziland is belatedly establishing a number of regulatory organs, and as is the norm with such ventures, we will time and again be required to seek counsel and advice on best practices from other jurisdictions. We also trust that we will be able to share our experiences and hopefully benefit other members of the Alliance. ”

Roland Bembelly of Cabinet Gomes confirms that he, along with his colleagues Alexis Vincent Gomes and Arnauld Dekambi, are delighted to be a part of the Alliance. “Through the Alliance, we look forward to providing solutions to our clients beyond our borders by collaborating with other member firms.”

The addition of these 3 new firms brings the total LEX Africa member count to 24 countries and 7 in Francophone Africa. We remain the first and largest African Legal Alliance with an established track record of advising and assisting clients in Africa since 1993.

For more information, visit LEX Africa's blog.

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