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GGI Welcomes Purk & Associates

GGI | Geneva Group International welcomes Purk & Associates, P.C., a full-service CPA firm dedicated to working with their clients to achieve their goals in a timely, cost-effective manner. Their company motto is: We get it. It's all about you, and they provide services to closely held businesses, tax-exempt organisations and individuals.

Founded in 2009, they boast an incredible turnover rate among their team since they were founded which is less than 4 percent. Their professional staff of 20, governed by two partners, offer the expertise and the resources to provide not only the critical services needed by their clients during these evolving economic times, but also, importantly, to build for their future.

While they remain focused on the core services of tax, accounting and audit, Purk & Associates also offer the business consulting services needed to remain competitive. They believe the success of their clients is the greatest measure of their own. Services offered by the firm include tax, auditing, accounting, business and management advisory, healthcare, professional-services firms, commercial contractors, home builders, real estate companies, manufacturing and distribution companies, dealerships, non-profit organizations and pension funds.

Contact: Jennah Purk Saint Louis, MO, USA

T: +1 314 884 4000

F: +1 314 884 4001

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