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GGI Welcomes New Member Firm, RNM Capital Advisors

Established in 2009, RNM Capital Advisors (“RNM”) is a mid-market focused boutique investment banking firm.

RNM provides advisory services to its clients across sectors and geographies in the area of mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures/collaborations, fund mobilisation, restructuring & turnaround, valuations, due diligence, India entry, and other allied corporate finance matters.

RNM enjoys leading clients from across the globe. RNM has direct access to promoters of Indian corporates across sectors and is strongly placed for the execution of complex cross-border deals across sectors.

The firm provides unparalleled cross-border and domestic access for strategic opportunities and growth capital backed by strong corporate and institutional relationships, sectors & product knowledge. They consistently invest time and financial resources into strengthening their geographical reach, industry knowledge, service offerings, and human capital. RNM walks alongside high performing entrepreneurs, wealth creators and pioneers of the new age economy in their quest to outperform competitors.


Raghu Marwah

New Delhi, India

T: +91 114 319 20 00

F: +91 114 319 20 21



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