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GGI adds PATTI Avvocati & Rechtsanwalte

PATTI Avvocati & Rechtsanwälte is a full service leading Italian law firm based in Rome, Italy. The firm was founded by Avv. Francesco Paolo Patti in 1947 and was taken over by Prof. Avv. Salvatore Patti in 1988.

PATTI Avvocati & Rechtsanwälte is engaged in the areas of civil and commercial law. For more than six decades, they have been offering their services for both large international enterprises as well as SMEs and private individuals in equal measure. The firm offers a wide range of services for businesses such as commercial and business law, company law, merger & acquisition, real estate law, medical liability law, labour law, family and inheritance law, criminal law, public law, banking & finance, fiduciary relationships and trust and insurance law.

A committed and professional team of over 20 lawyers, administered by 2 partners, is able to provide services in a number of languages, such as English, German, Hungarian, Spanish, and French.

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